ANNAYAKE has adopted as its mission to pay careful attention to women and provide them with pertinent and personalized solutions for their type of skin, particular needs and individual deficiencies.

A gift from the East to the West

ANNAYAKE has infused its expert treatments with the very best of East and West, achieving visible, lasting performance with delicate, gentle care. Through her skincare routine, each woman discovers that being beautiful means feeling more comfortable with herself and making time an ally.

ANNAYAKE feels that the tender sensuality of its textures is just as important as the potency of its formulas and results. Each treatment combines caressing pleasure, revolutionary textures, measurable performance and a unique application method.

Layering: taking the time to build beauty

All Japanese beauty rituals rely on layering, a technique that Western women consider complex and mysterious. Patience, precise application and effectiveness are at the heart of layering, which is simply the art of applying complementary beauty treatments on top of each other, in a particular sequence, reinforcing their effectiveness while allowing the skin to optimally benefit from each product.

Layering allows for an exclusive, customized combination of products for each woman. Skin can sometimes be both dehydrated and lacking in firmness, or marked by wrinkles and dull, or oily-prone but dehydrated, and its condition changes depending on the season, life events, tiredness and stress.

At peace with passing time

In contrast to the Western outlook based on stress and constant projection toward a future often filled with anxiety, the relation to time in Japan is serene and peaceful. Time passes in cycles, where each day is a new beginning. It does not destroy; instead, it builds nature, beings, existence and experience: in a word, life.

 ANNAYAKE, too, sees time as creating beauty.

The art of well-being proposed by ANNAYAKE draws on natural, traditional know-how combined with solid and varied basic research. ANNAYAKE draws its inspiration from the observation of nature, learning from the way certain atypical species grow and regenerate.

Although nature is the origin and mother of ANNAYAKE products, it combines with gentle yet highly effective active ingredients produced through bio-technologies.

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